Case Study

Fixing An Under-Performing Truck Of 2 Years


A tier 1 mining site partnered with MaxMine to deliver the next level of operational efficiency desired. Truck ‘DT06’ was on average 1.8kph (or 1 minute per cycle) slower than the rest of fleet up inclines. Following multiple unsuccessful maintenance interventions, it was decided to park the truck for backlog maintenance work.

MaxMine Application

With backlog work completed DT06 was sent back into operations. Using MaxMine’s equipment health diagnostic dashboard, the MaxMine team immediately reported that DT06s performance had not improved despite maintenance reports indicating otherwise. Our dashboard mostly agreed with in-field test results except for the fuel flow which was 60lph less than the remainder of the fleet at 1750rpm. Due to a higher data resolution, MaxMine was the key enabler for both the maintenance and production teams to agree DT06 remained an underperforming truck.

Fixing An Under-Performing Truck Of 2 Years

Client Results and Discussion

  • The diagnostic workshop with maintenance crew identified 3 priority fixes with priority 1 outcome completed within a half hour. Reviewing the truck files confirmed the ECU was incorrectly flashed and remediation work was completed by the next shift with confirmed improvement that evening
  • MaxMine is now fully integrated into scheduling activities to improve asset health