Case Study

Gold Mine Tyre Life Improvement


A fleet of 180 and 220 tonne trucks deployed in a large open pit gold mine began to experience very low tyre life. In turn, tyre cost per tonne soared which resulted in not only increased operational costs, but also a large amount of downtime caused by frequent tyre change outs.

MaxMine Application

Implementing MaxMine and our performance metrics to manage tyre life, such as cornering speed, resulted in on-site leadership and a MaxMine roll out team communicating goals to front-line supervisors who then communicated the goals to operational teams. Step by step coaching support was provided to ensure that improvement based behaviour was conveyed to teams. The feedback to crews and supervisors was automated and embedded as part of daily KPIs via the MaxMine interface by installing wall boards which displayed operator performance in terms of their cornering speeds in a league table to encourage healthy competition between operators as well as simply making scores visible to the crews on site.

Gold Mine Tyre Life Improvement

The Result

  • A 75% decrease in tyre spend was achieved using MaxMine’s operator tools to improve cornering speed conformance.