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Our experience spans a wide range of assets, operations and applications. To read more about the kind of results you can expect from MaxMine, view our case studies:

Reducing Cycle Times By Improving Operator Productivity

One of our clients, a large open pit gold and copper mine, was suffering from high variation between haul truck operator average haul speeds.

Optimising Payloads

Our client, a Gold mine in Western Australia operated by a large multinational miner, was suffering from a high degree of variation in haul truck payloads across the operation.

Fixing An Under-Performing Truck Of 2 Years

Truck ‘DT06’ was on average 1.8kph (or 1 minute per cycle) slower than the rest of fleet up inclines.

Focus on Suspension to Improve Availability

A large open pit coal mine began to experience frequent damage to truck frames.

Gold Mine Tyre Life Improvement

A fleet of 180 and 220 tonne trucks deployed in a large open pit gold mine began to experience very low tyre life.

Custom Dashboard to Reduce Queue Time

A client was exceeding their budgeted engine hours while not achieving target tonnes hauled.

Data Driven Safety And Incident Investigation

The engine of a fully laden Cat 793 stalled while travelling up an incline, remained stationary for 2.5 minutes and then rolled backwards reaching a maximum speed of 17.5 kph before hitting a windrow and coming to a stop.

MaxMine offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to mining industries worldwide. To read more about the results you can expect from MaxMine, read through our brochures:

An Introduction to MaxMine

MaxMine is a purpose-built service for open pit operations that sustainably improves safety, volume, cost and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance of the mobile fleet.

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We deliver automated business improvement solutions that benefit mining operations, projects and management. To know more about the results you can expect from MaxMine, watch our videos: