Luke O’Regan joined MaxMine Team as Director of Business Development

 is excited to announce Luke O’Regan joined MaxMine Team as Director of Business Development – Australia and Asia! Luke brings 20 years of industry experience, including senior line management positions with Glencore and BHP, and senior positions in operational improvement consulting firms Lodestone Partners, Partners in Performance (PIP) and DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS).

Luke has led some of the mining industry’s largest operational improvement transformation projects spanning 52 countries, leading a large range of multi-disciplinary teams to improve safety performance, reduce risk, improve consistency in frontline performance and deliver step-change reduction in an operations unit costs.

In setting up his role, Luke reflected that a common thread with every mining operational improvement focus is having access to accurate data that you can trust. If you have trusted data at your fingertips, then your improvement journey can be accelerated and maintained because all focus is on improvement up and down the line. Specifically, Luke’s experience highlighted three areas,

– Enable the frontline to drive their own improvement journey, from the bottom up. Variation in frontline performance is a key improvement driver, and often difficult to sustainably improve without the right insights. With MaxMine, an operation can achieve stability and consistency by providing the frontline with individualised performance feedback for every shift, where they can drill down into minute detail on what they could have done better to improvement their performance, e.g. specific gear selection and throttle position at a specific location on a ramp as executed by other operators, allows individual operators to learn and achieve predictable, high performance themselves. This predictable performance across the whole operator team provides the reliable foundation to build an improvement effort from

– Top down improvement is accelerated by ensuring that you’re focused on the highest impact levers. When the leaders in Technical Services, Operations and Management have their hands on accurate, high-resolution data contextualised to their work, that can be used to optimise plans, sustain Continuous Improvement efforts, and sustaining focus on agreed priorities.

– High impact behaviours are key. As we all know, having access to data and insight is only part of the journey, i.e. the reliable data is the key enabler, but ultimately it is the behavioural based change that is key to deliver the results (safety, production, cost) and sustain these best practices for the life of the mine.

MaxMine achieves the outcomes above because it builds trust in the MaxMine data and takes operators and leaders on a journey of hard wiring the data and decisions into their existing routines.

Luke is excited to join the MaxMine team because with MaxMine, every mining operation can have confidence in safely achieving their Life of Mine (LOM) plans, and really push the possibilities of the best-case scenarios of these plans. MaxMine enables every mining operation to own their own improvement journey, and up-skill their frontline and their leaders.

Welcome to MaxMine, Luke O’Regan!

Luke O’Regan joined MaxMine Team as Director of Business Development