Maxmine Chosen for Dalgaranga Optimisation

WESTERN Australian gold miner and service provider NRW Holdings has struck an agreement with technology developer Maxmine to boost productivity at the Dalgaranga project near Mount Magnet.

Under the agreement, Maxmine will supply and install its technology across the Dalgaranga site with the aim of improving productivity, safety, and efficiency across the operations fleet.

Maxmine said its technology automatically captured, enhanced, and contextualised up to 10,000 times more data than other offers in Australia.

It automatically contexualises all equipment, operations, and site data along with conditions within the shift such as weather and other external factors.

Maxmine then translates this data to create a digital twin of the project.

This digital twin offers three improvement stages for the operator in real time, which should help NRW remain in control of its project, be able to optimise performance through software recommendations, and ramp up production rates.

According to Maxmine, its product has a proven track record with other mining companies, which have enjoyed an 11% payload increase after installing its software and hardware product.

NRW general manager Tim Abrahams said adoption of innovative and intelligent data technology was at the core of its mining division’s future.

“NRW emphasises good data as a critical enabler of our operational effectiveness, and partnering with Maxmine, who are a leader in fleet operations data, allows us to continuously improve our performance for our customers,” Abrahams said.

While productivity gains are anticipated, the use of the technology will also have environmental benefits.

Through improving efficiency in haulage and vehicles at the mine site, Maxmine said it could reduce carbon emissions 5% to 20% depending on efficiency measures, with no additional capital expenditure.

This part of its technology has been dubbed Maxmine Carbon.

Maxmine chief executive Coert Du Plessis said the benefits of this cooperation extended beyond Maxmine or NRW.

“The global challenge of net-zero by 2050 cannot be achieved without an order of magnitude change in mining efficiencies,” he said.

“Working with NRW is another fantastic example of great partnerships helping transform a critically important industry.”


Maxmine Chosen for Dalgaranga Optimisation