MaxMine’s Data Mastery Lures Over BHP’s Data Chief

Former BHP Global Data Strategy Lead, Coert Du Plessis, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of MaxMine, underpinning the growth strategy of this fast-expanding mining technology business.

Coert commenced in the role of Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of MaxMine on 1 May 2020, working with MaxMine’s management team behind the scenes over the past 12 months to successfully configure and guide MaxMine through its significant funding round announced last month.

On 1 July 2021, Coert was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company.

The decision to move quickly followed a few months after his first visit to MaxMine’s Adelaide office in December 2019. Mr. Du Plessis said three things ultimately convinced him to move from a prestigious executive role at BHP to take up the COO, and now CEO, role at the Company;

  • “One, the calibre of the existing leadership team and their adaptive business mindset; demonstrated in successfully raising growth capital in a year disrupted by covid,
  • Two, generating industry leading data quality and confidence in their results, an order of magnitude better than incumbent FMS. It means MaxMine users transition from teams arguing about the validity of data to knowing what needs to be done next, and
  • Three, the ability to drive technology adoption with front line operators and operational leadership teams month in and month out, delivering on average 5% Load and Haul productivity improvements.”
MaxMine’s Data Mastery Lures Over BHP’s Data Chief

“It was inspirational to see the speed at which the MaxMine team could develop these incredible technologies and develop the unique delivery approaches whilst maintaining an incredible focus on customer value,” Mr Du Plessis said.

See the attached for full details of the announcement.