NRW Holdings and MaxMine Sign Deal Over Technology at Dalgaranga Mine

Perth miner NRW Holdings has signed a deal with industry analysts MaxMine to install its technology at NRW’s $300 million Dalgaranga site, north-west of Mount Magnet.

Adelaide-based MaxMine uses computer technology and data analysis to help mining companies with productivity gains and improve efficiency.

MaxMine claims its technology can automatically enhance 10,000 times more data at open pit mining operations compared to the industry standard, and its data processing is able to automatically contextualise data about equipment, sites and operators relative to each other, as well as to variable conditions such as the weather.

NRW said it had worked to increase its internal data analytics ability. A tight labour market has increased operator turnover at its sites and is proving especially challenging among mining contracting.

“NRW emphasises good data as a critical enabler of our operational effectiveness, and partnering with MaxMine, who are a leader in fleet operations data, allows us to continuously improve our performance for our customers,” NRW mining division general manager Tim Abrahams said.

MaxMine chief executive Coert Du Plessis said partnerships such as his firm and NRW’s were crucial as part of an industry pursuit for more sustainability and reliability.

“The benefits from this cooperation extend beyond MaxMine or NRW,” he said.

“The global challenge of NetZero by 2050 cannot be achieved without an order of magnitude change in mining efficiencies.”

MaxMine recently introduced another product to help mining operators cut carbon emissions by between 5 and 20 per cent with limited costs — through the technology, companies can quantify those savings to include in required ESG reporting.


NRW Holdings and MaxMine Sign Deal Over Technology at Dalgaranga Mine