Viburnum Funds invests in MaxMine

The MaxMine team is proud to announce that Viburnum Funds have taken a 25% stake in the company to help accelerate the growth of our flagship product.

The funds will be used to grow sales, accelerate product development and scale our capabilities to help our clients continue to get more from their operations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank a few groups of people that have helped us along the way. Thanks goes to our valued clients, especially those that saw the potential early on in the journey. Without that early belief in the vision we have to help operations make better decisions with high quality operational data.

None of what we do for our clients would be possible without our amazing team. We have the privilege of working with a team of bright and talented people that turn technology into tonnes. This investment gives us the opportunity to empower our best people to make the most of this opportunity.

The future is bright, and there is loads of potential in turning technology into tonnes.

Full news story included on this Mining News article.

Viburnum Funds invests in MaxMine